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  • Sale! Smart Energy System™

    Smart Energy System™

    MSRP: $99.00
    $52.95  or subscribe & save 10%

    S.H.I.N.E.® D-Ribose plus Smart Energy Capsules, a new proprietary blend formulated by Dr. T that dramatically boosts energy and more.* This is a 2-month supply.

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  • Dr. T's Ultimate Energy Kit

    Dr. T’s Ultimate Energy Kit

    MSRP: $160.90
    $96.72  or subscribe & save 10%

    10% off by purchasing these items together. Another 10% off if you also subscribe!

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  • Adaptra


    MSRP: $37.95
    $30.36  or subscribe & save 10%

    Improves mental and physical resilience to help you get through your day with ease.*

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  • Smart Energy Capsules

    Smart Energy Capsules

    MSRP: $60.00
    $37.00  or subscribe & save 10%

    Smart Energy Capsules resupply for Smart Energy System™.*

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