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The Vitamin Powder Difference

Why Vitamin Powder Beats Ordinary Multivitamins

Patients often ask me "What vitamins and minerals do I really need?" The answer is all of them!

Vitamins and minerals have to come from your diet, because your body doesn’t make them directly. If you aren’t getting enough from the foods you eat — maybe because you eat too much junk food or because your body is unable to properly absorb nutrients from foods (for instance, antacids can cause this, as can the increased stresses of modern life) — then your health will likely suffer.

The U.S.D.A’s "Recommended Dietary Allowances" (RDA) are set based on the minimum daily intake of vitamins and minerals you need to prevent symptoms of nutritional deficiency, like scurvy.

But this is a minimum amount, not an optimal amount. Numerous studies have shown that a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and nutritional cofactors are critical for optimal health. For example, zinc, vitamin A, beta-carotene, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, and iron have all been found to be important in keeping your body’s defenses strong, and to help prevent developing infections as easily.

Personally, I prefer getting the optimal amount of daily nutrition.

The Powder Advantage

Pills vs. Powder

One of the biggest problems I saw early in my medical practice was that patients often had to take handfuls of vitamin and mineral pills to get their basic nutritional needs met. This was annoying and expensive for those who needed it, and also an absolutely unreasonable burden to take on for life.

I made the decision that if ever I was in a position to fix the “handful club” vitamin problem, I would. I got that chance some years ago when I was invited to work with a leading supplement company to develop a line of nutritional supplements. I made it my first priority to develop a way for people to get their optimal daily nutrition without the hassle of gobbling handfuls of pills every morning.

I found that the answer was to create a vitamin powder drink mix — because by mixing a powder into an enjoyable fruit drink, you could much more conveniently ingest large combinations of vitamins than trying to take the same amount in pill form. Why? Because the added binders and fillers that are required to package pills make it practically impossible to combine much more than 500 mg of nutrients into a single pill or capsule. Vitamin powder formulations, on the other hand, can combine many housands of milligrams of nutrients into a single scoop of powder that can be consumed in a single drink — literally the equivalent of dozens of pills or capsules!

The vitamin powder I formulated is the Energy Revitalization System™ (made by Nature’s Way® in both citrus and berry flavors). It provides over 17,000 mg of vitamin and mineral nutrition — the equivalent of 35 supplement pills — in just one scoop. I mix it with water each morning and feel turbo-charged all day. Try it yourself. By three weeks you’ll be amazed.

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